Lea ~ 18 ans ~ France.

Je m'appelle Lea, j'ai 18 ans et j'ai toujours vecu en France.
Je suis chatain fonçée aux yeux verts. Je suis petite et "mince".
J'aimerais vivre le rêve Américain, mais la France c'est pas mal non plus, je trouve. J'aime beaucoup le catch, la musique, l'écriture, les bébés ...

Series :

- Supernatural
- Mentalist
- Grey's Anatomy
- Lost, les disparus
- Game of Thrones
- The Walking Dead
- Cold Case
- Private Practice
- Esprits Criminels
- Dr House
- Alice Nevers
- New York, Unité Spéciale
- Heroes
- Vampire Diaries
- Buffy contre les vampires
- Bones

Sagas :

- Harry Potter
- Twilight
- Matrix
- Pirates des Caraïbes
- Iron Man
- Underworld
- Fast & Furious
- Resident Evil
- La Momie
- Sherlock Holmes
- Halloween



A fairy tale by adorable French girl! (par MrOsetian)

C’est moi qui raconte une histoire ahha


cs hiatus meme: [1/6] episodes

2.06 Tallahassee


Fast Five.


Fast Five.


Fast Five.


Fast Five.



30 Day Fast & Furious Challenge

Day 02 - Favorite Main Character

I don’t think this comes shocking to anyone that my favorite is Brian O’Conner - from the moment he first showed up on screen, that determined blue steely eyed gaze has captured my heart.

And not just those blue eyes, but that joyful and beautiful smile, that smile that can light up the world and make you believe that nothing could ever go wrong. There was always something of a twinkle in his pretty blues, and a ready smile full of genuine wonder, passion, and enthusiasm.

Brian was brave, determined, kind, compassionate, and sometimes reckless but never with malice - he is the heart and soul, it was his decision to follow his heart rather than his badge that changed everything for everyone - if he hadn’t, all of our characters’ journeys would have ended.

That blue eyed racer boy’s capacity for love and care to others around him is an unrivaled force of nature - he is calm under pressure, doesn’t budge nor afraid to get down and dirty - and he is fierce, he will risk everything for the people he deems family, no matter at what cost to himself - that sense of loyalty is what saved Dom’s life and it’s also what ultimately brought their family whole again.

Watching him grow up from boy to man and then to being a father - in so many ways, these films are Brian’s journey - and I have grown up with him. Wherever his path will lead to in the future in Fast 7 and beyond, I just truly hope that the writers will not forget that he will always be, at his core, that brave fierce protector who will never stop fighting for the family of his blood and the family of his heart - Brian O’Conner would never leave his family to fight battles on their own, and if he goes out, he will go out fighting for the people he loves.


Paul at premiere of Fast & Furious.


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